Youth soccer destination for the South Coast region.

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Available Practice Fields

  • DYSA Boule Fields: Monday- Friday (Opening on April 8th for Practices)
2019 DYSA Practice Schedule
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Field 6a   Pacheco 09G Thompson 09B DeMedeiros U9B  
Field 6b   Rodrigues 09G Fernandes 10B Sousa 10B  

Field 7a

    Franzese 10G, U9G Cojocaru 09G Neves 08B
Field 7b     Burdman 11B Santerre 11B Racette 10G
Field 9a   Rock 07G, U12G Catulo 08B Waite 08B Roach 07B
Field 9b   Joaquin 08G Cojacaru U11G Rebello 07G Psichopaidas U13B
Field 10a   Stott U14V, 05G /U10-V, 09B 5:30-7:30 Freitas 01/02G Stott U14V, 05G /U10-V, 09B 5:30-7:30 Bromage U13G
Field 10b          
Field 11a Kerney 04B Costa06G Couto 03B Demanche 06B 4:30 - 6
Long 00G 6-8
Santos 04G
Field 12b   Batista 01/02B, U17B Araujo 04B, U15BV   Martinez 05B, U14B

All open slots are available on a first come first served basis.


  • UMASS: UMass has allowed us use of the grassy field at front entrance for practice space. This is the only space at UMass that we are allowed for practice.
  • Buttonwood Park: Open space
  • Dartmouth YMCA: Dartmouth YMCA has allowed us use of the grassy fields. These fields are suitable for U 10 and U12. We will have goals available there within the next week or so. Fields are available from 5 PM and on. 
  • DeMello School: Monday-Friday 5PM-8PM and Sat/Sun 8AM-8PM
  • Potter School: Monday-Friday 5PM-8PM and Sat/Sun 8AM-8PM 


DYSA does NOT have permission to use Quinn Elemenary, Dartmouth Middle or Dartmouth High Schools so please do not practice at those locations.

Field rules for Coaches

  1. Limit practice area to half a field
  2. Use website to see if field are open
  3. Obey field closed signs
  4. Don't hang on goals 
  5. Always place sandbags on goals 
  6. Return goals to original location if moved
  7. Stay off flagged areas 
  8. Pick up your trash or any other you see
  9. Move net out of goalie area for goalie drills to limit goal mouth wear
  10. Report any dangerous conditions for repair
  11. Teach children to not pull up grass or dig holes with cleats
  12. Remind parents and guests to sit on opposite side of field from coaches