Youth soccer destination for the South Coast region.

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When are Fall sign ups? Online Fall registration takes place at the beginning of May.  On-site registration takes place in mid-late June.  Notices are sent via bulk mail & through the schools in May as a reminder. 

How old must my child be?  Your child must be 4 years old by August 31st of the present year to participate.          

What is this new format for the younger players I've heard about?  U6 & U8 follow a non-competitive, skill-building format that has been heavily supported at the state level by MYSA known as Micro Soccer.  The program is designed to allow players multiple touches.

How do we reserve practice at DYSA field? All areas are on a first come, first serve basis. But please share when possible. Also no PRACTICE ON FRIDAY, this is set aside for field maintenance.  One practice allowed at DYSA fields per week.

When is the first Practice for Fall Season? For U10 and up, the first practice takes place the week before start of opening game.

What should I expect my child to take away from the under 6/8 DYSA experience this fall? Fall Soccer is a non-competitive, instructional league. The ultimate goal is to help children begin to understand and enjoy team sports - particularly the beautiful game of soccer. Your child will be introduced to the joys of team sports - building friendships, working together, respecting themselves and others, and having FUN! In addition, we will provide a supportive atmosphere where your child will be appropriately challenged to learn basic soccer skills like ball control with both feet, dribbling, passing and running. Everyone plays! No standings are kept, and no awards or trophies are given out by DYSA at the end of the season (some coaches may, if they choose, discreetly recognize their players with awards or trophies - but these types of awards are not sponsored by DYSA and must NOT be given in the presence of other teams who choose not to give awards).

 On Game Day There is no practice schedule for this age group - rather each team is allotted field time every Saturday morning During the Fall Season. Time slots for the fields (which are much smaller than a regular soccer pitch) rotate each week. Sessions will not include lectures, lines, and laps. Each session will be fun, dynamic, active, and challenging. Children will participate in team building exercises and soccer skill drills for first part of session. After a break, teams will pair up with other teams and, using two fields, will run 3 on 3 or 5 on 5 'micro-soccer' scrimmage games for remainder of session. The games focus on getting everyone equally involved in contact with the ball, dribbling and passing. Games do not emphasize positions, goalies or score keeping. Water breaks are frequent!

Players should come dressed in their DYSA soccer shirt, with shin guards, cleats or sneakers (cleats are highly recommended for safety and traction, but not required at this age level). Each child must have their own #3 (for U6) and #4 (for U8) soccer ball. Children must bring their own water or Sport Drink (none will be provided). No jewelry of any kind is permitted. Eye glasses must be covered with protective goggles. Also, no snack food is permitted during the session (due to allergy concerns among the children) - the DYSA snack bar is available before and after the session and all profits from the snack bar go back into the DYSA.

We Expect  Parents and Coaches to provide Positive reinforcement at this critical age - booing, jeering, rooting for one team to "win" (and by extension the other to "lose") is simply not useful. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for this type of behavior. The goal here is to get children to love and enjoy soccer and team sports and boosting self-esteem is essential to this goal.

Soccer at this level is a cooperative, flexible effort between the volunteer coaches, parents and kids, and we need your help. Parents/ guardians must remain at the field at all times and must remain primarily liable for the supervision, control or custody of their children. Based on the large number of children involved in the program, coaches are simply not able to provide supervision for your child, but can use your assistance and support. Please do not be afraid to offer your assistance. Please try and make yourself available to help out when you can. Coaches appreciate phone calls when you will not be attending and having your child bring a soccer ball, shin guards and sneakers or cleats every week. Also, feel free to ask questions, our goal is to build a strong foundation and love for the game of soccer, we hope you will see the season as a positive activity for your child and DYSA as an organization that you would like to actively involve yourself in. Your help, input and constructive criticism are needed to make this happen.

What We Expect From Players, Parents and Coaches?

We expect no knowledge of soccer from the players. Children need only be prepared to come to the field ready to run, laugh, be nice and enjoy each other's company.

How can I help? The League needs assistance with following:

• Setting the goals and flags on Saturday
• Opening the Concession Stand
• Staffing the Concession Stand
• Shopping and stocking during the week
• End of day clean up


When is normal Rain Dates?
In the event the entire weekend is cancelled due to weather, DYSA will add rain dates to the end of the season so long as weather permits to do so.. Coaches will be notified by their Division Director of cancellation and reschedule day. We will post any schedule updates on the website.  No refunds will be awarded for lost sessions due to weather.


Cancellation Policy?
DYSA does not provide refunds on registrations. We will provide credit for future registrations or DYSA merchandise use.

Who has Concession Stand Duty? All Teams have Concession Duty
Other Information:

This is an instructional program. We do not keep Standings! But adults or players, who violate the spirit of this mandate, will, at minimum forfeit their welcome on these fields.

Roster Substitutions: 
There will be no roster substitutions. Coaches should observe the Spirit of Fair Play. To maximize playing time: YOU MAY BORROW FROM YOUR OPPONENT or AGREE TO PLAY SHORT ON THE FIELD.



SOCCER BALLS- Size 3 for U6, Size 4 for U8-U12, Size 5 for U15

Things to be aware of: 
• Jewelry, rope bracelets, sharp hair ornaments, etc. are not allowed
• Substitutions should only be made at the quarters, barring injury.
• No player shall play 4 quarters until all players have played 3 full quarters
• Teams must be off the field 10 minutes before the next game is schedule to start
• Referees will end a game that is running over the allotted time.



• DYSA soccer shirt
• Shin Guards
• Cleats
• Water or Sport Drink (no snacks during the session - please visit the DYSA snack bar before and/or after the session)
• Eye Glasses MUST be covered with protective goggles.
• A Positive Attitude and Best Sportsmanship
• A parent or responsible adult must remain at all times.

• Themselves - for the duration of the game.
• A Positive Attitude and Best Sportsmanship - There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for unacceptable behavior.