Youth soccer destination for the South Coast region.

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Group Team Field Start Time End Time
U6 Boys Massa 1A 8:15 9:15
U6 Boys Pires 1B 8:15 9:15
U6 Boys Silva 1A 9:30 10:30
U6 Boys Amaral 1B 9:30 10:30
U6 Boys Alfaiate 1A 10:45 11:45
U6 Boys Morreira 1B 10:45 11:45
U6 Boys Nunes 3A 10:45 11:45
U6 Girls Stefanik 2A 8:15 9:15
U6 Girls DuBois 2B 8:15 9:15
U6 Girls Teixeira-Berni 2A 9:30 10:30
U6 Girls Katsoules 2B 9:30 10:30
U6 Girls Greding 3A 10:45 11:45
U6 Girls Southworth 3B 10:45 11:45
U8 Boys Almeida 4 8:00 9:00
U8 Boys Dowhan 5 8:00 9:00
U8 Boys Snell  4 9:15 10:15
U8 Boys Pacheco 5 9:15 10:15
U8 Girls Racette 4 10:30 11:30
U8 Girls Franzese 5 10:30 11:30
U10 Boys Brodsky & Kertscher 6 8:00 9:30
U10 Boys Burdman & Silveira 6 9:45 11:30
U10 Girls Defusco & Norton 6 11:45 1:15
U12 Girls Racette & Cojocaru 10 9:00 10:30
U12 Boys Russell & Leary 10 10:45 12:15
U15 Coed Burdman & Rock 10 12:30 2:00


Please arrive no earlier than ten (10) minutes prior to the start of your child’s training session as indicated above.

  • Soccer Balls will be provided by DYSA for use during each of the training sessions. 
  • Upon arrival, please ensure that each player is wearing soccer cleats and shin guards and is ready to TRAIN!
  • Each parent is required to sign a Massachusetts Youth Soccer waiver for each of their children for the 2020 season.  DYSA has set this up online through your account.  Please click hear and follow the instructions.   Your child will not be able to participate unless this waiver is signed. 
  • Players are required to wear masks upon entry and exit of the DYSA facility.  Players will wear masks while on the sideline and have masks with them during their session.  Coaches will help players with mask management. 
  • One spectator is allowed per player.  Spectators are required to wear masks upon entry and exit of the DYSA facility and during the entire session and must also maintain a 6-foot social distancing space.   There will be specific spectator viewing areas for each field. 
  • There are lined spectator viewing areas, entry walkways and exit walkways.  For the safety of everyone, please follow the signs on the facility grounds; they will be clearly marked.